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From the age of five, Maxime Lahousse has been fascinated by cameras. A few years later, she discovered the love for her mom's old camcorder. Creating a documentary about her dog at the age of ten, marked her first significant step toward a career in film.

As a student at the Narafi film school in Brussels, Maxime began developing her skills as a cinematographer. After graduating in 2015, ​she worked as a camera assistant on many feature films, commercials, and TV shows.

After four years of gaining experience and refining her craft, she decided to establish herself as a cinematographer, mainly focusing on narrative work. 

Since 2018, Maxime has been working as an independent cinematographer, and from 2022, she expanded her career as an international DP. Over the past few years, she has shot numerous commercials, films and TV shows. In 2019, she won the award for Best Cinematography for her work on "Nesting" (by Alex Verhaest) at the Leuven International Short Film Festival.

In 2021, she became an official member of the Society of Belgian Cinematographers (SBC).

Maxime continually seeks to expand the narrative capacities of the image, pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. She is passionate about finding the right visual language for each story.​

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